Janne Stark



Role: Guitarist, producer

Other bands: Grand Design, Overdrive

Other recording bands: Grand Design, Overdrive, Mountain Of Power, Locomotive Breath, Zello, Planet Alliance, Paradize, BALLS, Chris Catena, solo and various guest spots: Narnia. Faith, Rocka Rollas, M.O.B, Audiovision, Blinded Colony, Chris Catena, Spearfish, Ruined Soul etc.

Favourite bands: King's X, Montrose, Sir Lord Baltimore, Kansas, Jack In The Box, Mountain, Y&T, Stray Dog, Diamond REO, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rush etc.

Equipment: VGS Eclipse w True Temperament, Gibson Les Paul Studio (TT), Fender Strat HW1, Gibson Explorer 76 Re-issue, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall, Orange, various Power Pedals pedals, BB-Preamp, EB Booster, Distnortion, Dunlop Cry Baby, Ventilator etc.


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